Sivo provides a Sandbox environment that can be used for development and testing purposes. Any data sent to the sandbox environment is kept separate from the live environment. The Sivo application can be switched between live and sandbox by clicking on the drop-down on the top-right corner of the application.
To develop against the sandbox you will need to retrieve a separate API key. You can follow the same process used to retrieve live API keys... just remember to do it in sandbox mode!.

See below the endpoints for the live and sandbox environments.

Sending funds in Sandbox mode

You can test fund transfers (ACH, Wire, or SWIFT) in the Sivo sandbox. This will not involve moving real funds and will allow you to develop and test your integrations by simulating real-world situations.
The first step to simulate a fund transfer is to add test funds to your debt lines. You can accomplish this from the Sivo application:

  • Log into the Sivo application
  • Switch to sandbox mode
  • Go to your debt line
  • Click the "Deposit" button
  • At the bottom, you can enter an amount and click "Submit" (see screenshot below)

When sending funds through wires or ACH you can use any values for the account number. However, routing numbers have special format requirements and a random value will likely result in an error. You can use the sample values below for testing:

  • 121042882 (Wells Fargo)
  • 026009593 (Bank of America)
  • 322271627 (Chase)