Create a report entry for a loan, or update an existing report if it exists.

The Report API is used to provide details about transactions (disbursements, payments, etc.) associated with your loans. Sivo uses this information to calculate key performance indicators for your portfolio. It is important to provide the full history for every loan, starting from when they were originated.

For report on loans defined as Term Loans credit_type='term_loan' is important to report the scheduled payments to get a better support for KPI.

It is very important to use the appropriate value to identify the type of the transaction:

  • disbursement: indicates funds that were provided to the borrower and which increase the loan principal balance. For installment loans, a disbursement transaction with the loan amount should be provided when the loan is originated. Installment loans with multiple disbursements and revolving loans should send multiple disbursement transactions.
  • principal: indicates a loan repayment that is applied to the loan principal. This should not include any income like interest or fees... separate transactions should be sent for those.
  • interest: indicates an interest charge applied to the loan
  • origination_fee: origination fees charged when the loan is created
  • periodic_fee: non-interest fees applied on a recurring basis
  • late_fee: fees charge to the borrower due to late payments
  • refund: a full or partial refund to the borrower. This offsets disbursements and impacts principal.
  • other: other types of fees associated with the loan. Use the description property to provide any additional details.
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