Welcome to the Sivo Developer Portal. If you like Sivo's debt-as-a-service capabilities, you're going to love being able to programmatically transfer capital and report on your loan performance to unlock more borrowing power!

Sivo provides several categories of RESTful APIs in the API Reference section, such as:

  • Capital to manage your debt lines by drawing funds or repaying your principal to Sivo.
  • Banking to create contacts for sending Wires & ACH. You can also list transactions and view statements here.
  • Reporting to report on your loan performance and ensure you meet your KPIs to increase your borrowing power.

You can rest assured (pun intended) that all of our APIs follow modern standards and best practices to make it as easy as possible to adopt and integrate with your application. Therefore, you can use standard HTTP verbs (POST to create, GET to retrieve, etc.) in your requests and expect standard HTTP response codes in the responses (2xx for success, 4xx for request errors, and 5xx for other errors).

Sivo has a sandbox mode for development and test purposes (see the Testing section for details and best practices).

The best way to get started is to log into the Sivo application to retrieve your client id and refresh token from the Integrations page. Next, you can write code in your backend to obtain a temporary access token for future calls to Sivo APIs 👇

The topics in our documentation explain core Sivo API concepts, including explanations and examples of all the APIs. Go to the Recipes section to find common integration scenarios and examples of how Sivo APIs can be used to implement them.


In the next sections you can find more information about :