The endpoints in this section help manage and return information related to all of your debt lines, such as:

  • Debt line name
  • Line currency (for example, USD)
  • Credit product
  • Creation date
  • Created by (user’s name)
  • Status (active, pending etc)
  • Outstanding balance (principle and interest)

Get information about a specific debt line including leverage steps, cost of capital, balances and KPIs or make a draw programmatically.

After obtaining an access token, you are ready to perform a draw from a debt line. Just follow these steps:

  1. You will need the ID of the debt line that you are drawing from. Get this id from the Sivo dashboard, by navigating to the appropriate debt line.

  1. Create a contact: This is the destination bank account used to send the funds. You may need to do this only once if you always send funds to the same destination account. Use the "Create a Contact" recipe to accomplish this (make sure to use the debt line bank account):
  1. Submit a draw: To transfer funds from your debt line submit a draw using the following recipe. Drawn funds are deposited in your Sivo debt line account.
  1. Send funds to the beneficiary: At this point, you can send the funds to the contact created in step 2. The next recipe shows how to accomplish this.