Draw from a debt line

Execute a draw from your Debt line

Once a Debt line is approved you will want to make the money available and withdraw it. To do this you will need to understand the following :

  • As soon as a draw is executed successfully the interest starts to accrue.
  • To transfer to an external bank from your debt line do the following steps:
    • Draw an amount from the debt line
    • Create/Get the contact ID to perform the transfer
    • Transfer to an external bank using the following options:
      • ACH (USD)
      • Wire (USD)
      • SWIFT (Non-USD)


1) Draw $10,000 USD from a debt line and wire it to an external account:

Draw $10,000 USD from your Debt line:

Create a Contact

Every contact should be associated with a specific bank account, to associate a new contact to your debt line account find your bank account labeled as debt_line

    1. Get the bank accountId for your debt line using the Bank Account endpoint, here is a recipe:
  1. Create a Contact: A Contact is a person or business that you send money to or receive money from, here is a recipe that creates a USD contact:

Wire the draw amount to a Contact

Once a draw is executed for a specific debt line you will be able to transfer to an external bank account, here is a recipe to transfer by Wire $10,000 USD to a specific contactId:

NOTE: For international transfers/currencies contact the support team [email protected]

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